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at Magnifaskin

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We Care About Your Health

You may already be familiar with our medical spa, and if you're not you can check out our full range of services here. But we really do care about your health too. It's not just that beauty starts from the inside. Magnifaskin is owned and operated by Dr. Tony Cucuzella, M.D. and Christina Buckley, B. Sc. We also have registered nurses on staff.

There's not much point in looking beautiful if you don't also feel beautiful. Our spectrum of IV Therapy, Injection Therapy, and MIcronutrient Testing services are designed to protect your health, energize you, optimize your performance and mood, and create the foundation for the best you that you can be.

Come see us for a free consultation. We're here to help.

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Is your skin seeming to age faster than it should? Do you get sick frequently? Feeling stressed? Taking far too long to recover your energy after that intense workout? All of these conditions and more could be the result of a deficiency of key vitamins and nutrients in your body. IV Therapy, Injection Therapy and Micronutrient Testing can restore healthy levels of these nutrients and effectively treat these conditions, sometimes in a remarkably short period of time. Think minutes, not days!

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Our Friendly Staff

staff standing outside magnifaskin medspa in wilmington delaware

L to R: Taylor Montgomery (Medical Receptionist), Juliet Penny (Registered Nurse), Christina Buckley (owner), Tony Cucuzzella (owner, medical doctor), Michelle Laughlin (Physician Assistant), Michelle Pantano (Registered Nurse), June Perkins (Medical Receptionist, Aesthetician)

owners tony cucuzella and christina buckley under the magnifaskin medspa sign in wilmington delaware

Owners and operators:
Tony Cucuzzella, M.D., and Christina Buckley, B. Sc.