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Immunity IV Therapy

Dodge the Cold and Flu Bullet

Flu season, or maybe just a nasty cold going around that you’d really rather not get? Or, you’re already sick and want to recover faster? Give your immune system a turbo charge with a Magnifaskin Immunity Boosting IV Treatment. Loaded with all the restorative and protective power of the Myers' Cocktail, as well as extra vitamin C, this treatment can greatly improve your chances of dodging the illness bullet or just getting better sooner. Flu vaccines may make you sick all on their own, and of course there’s no vaccine for the common cold, but by boosting your own bodies’ natural immune system, you’ll make yourself far more resistant, and hopefully, sail through this cold or flu season untouched.

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Myers' Cocktail and Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C helps our immune system, and there is even evidence that large doses may be even more effective in preventing illness or speeding recovery. But there are other nutrients essential for a strong immune system as well. That’s where the Myer’s Cocktail and drip hydration therapy comes in.

First, it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re sick, especially if your stomach is upset. But even if you’re not nauseous, you may not feel like eating anything. Without us even noticing, this can result in not drinking enough fluids either. Add to this that some medications such as decongestants can increase the frequency of urination, and dehydration is a very real possibility. Being dehydrated makes it harder for your body to fight off the infection.

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Is your skin seeming to age faster than it should? Do you get sick frequently? Feeling stressed? Taking far too long to recover your energy after that intense workout? All of these conditions and more could be the result of a deficiency of key vitamins and nutrients in your body. IV Therapy, Injection Therapy and Micronutrient Testing can restore healthy levels of these nutrients and effectively treat these conditions, sometimes in a remarkably short period of time. Think minutes, not days!

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Extra Immunity Protection

The Myers' Cocktail

The immunity boosting benefits of vitamin C are well known, but our Magnifaskin Immunity Boosting IV Therapy treatment also contains the famous Myers’ Cocktail. This is loaded with a very long list of nutrients essential for optimal performance of our immune system.

The benefits of the Myers’ Cocktail are so extensive, it has its own page. You can read more about it here.